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Breast Sizes

« on: July 12, 2011, 10:21:08 AM »
Although time passes, you still want to keep the perfect curve with a tension ring round. The measures you have tried to increase the breast sizes or protecting them yet?

Do not be confused, please follow the following seven methods if you want to make it mild!

1. Blowing balloons

Do not think it's a joke! Each day you blow the ball three times, each from 50 to 10 respectively, before the blow to collective breath and blow hard. When blowing the ball, lungs activities promote the metabolism, fat and energy consumption. Blowing the ball not only help you lose weight but also help train the chest muscles chest muscles.

2. Swim
You swim 1-2 times a week. This activity enables you to exercise chest muscles and your next one will be more developed.
Swimming is an activity to help increase your breast size substantially there.

3. Eat more potassium

Eat more potassium foods such as papaya, bananas, oranges, melons, pears, green beans, sesame, a guise, vegetables, potatoes, spinach, vegetables and sweet potatoes ... will help you to add nutrition and develop breast size.

4. Eating green papaya

Eat papaya and security with the traditional methods of bone to your breast fuller. The green papaya helps resolution containing protein, fats and sugars, stimulates breast development.

5. Eat yogurt

Eat yogurt every day 2-3 times, each about 250 ml of yogurt contains as much protein is good for your first round. In addition we also work to prevent constipation and types of toxins in the body.

Many women with serious insecurities of their breasts. But not everyone is fortunate then, that many women want to change their breasts. Surgery is a way to make breasts bigger. However, there are simple and less costly to increase the size of your breasts.

6. Get more Estrogen

The issue dominated the island to double your breasts larger is estrogen, the hormone that your decision to breast or small. The big issue is very much Estrogen is produced during puberty, when your breasts grow very rapidly. However, when the end of puberty, hormones containing estrogen were significantly reduced, making stops in breast size you are and not grow anymore.

Drink plenty of orange juice if you want to improve one's own

To get your breasts continue to grow, you just increase the level of estrogen in your body as you are a teenager ... and this can be done by eating foods rich in estrogen. Fortunately, Estrogen is a naturally occurring substance, which means you can get it from lots of different fruits. Flaxseed and orange is one of the fruits of this work the best.

7. Breast Exercises

This is one of the main exercises that many women should be set if you want to look sexy. Most, breasts sagging or shrunken gradually over time because they do not have enough support from the muscles below them. The muscle is called "the muscles in the chest" and other similar size men. The only difference is that women are hidden underneath the breast tissue more and make their breasts jutting up and it looks really full, you only need to tighten the muscles in the chest and the chest protruding. good for this exercise include pushing the chest up and down with a gentle force, regularly.

Frequent chest pushed up and down with a real power to your chest slightly larger

8. Chest Massage

Many women keep their breasts by the bra does not fit. This is very bad for your chest because it makes blood flow problems in the chest, causing them to suffer from other problems, sometimes serious. You can instantly make your breasts become fuller out a lot by doing a few movements of Thai massage on your chest every night. This you can get the other half of you to both enjoy the feelings, but basically a good way to circulate is that you should let your chest and breathe comfortably when not wearing padding.

Ask for "half" of your daily breast massage

Clearly, the implementation of three things can help double your breasts up the island a little more, but to get the best results, you need to make it a habit. Wish you like that.